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1.1 Privacy Policy




The company responsible for processing your data according to this Privacy Policy is:


NIF: B08103665
Address: Circunval·lació, 27 – 08210 BARBERÀ DEL VALLÈS (Barcelona)
E-mail address: traquisa@traquisa.es
Website: www.traquisa.com
Telephone no.: 937290414


Registered in the Companies’ Register of Barcelona, en el Tomo 991, Libro 486, Folio 210, Hoja Número 5321
At TRANSFORMACIONES QUÍMICO – INDUSTRIALES, S.L. – TRAQUISA, we recognise the importance of protecting your personal information and we are committed to processing it responsibly and in compliance with the data protection laws.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to regulate all the aspects relating to the processing of data of the different users browsing the website or providing their personal details on the different forms to be found on it.


Personal Data


Personal Data is the information that identifies you or may identify you. Through the website, in the boxes that are stablished for that purpose, it is collected the personal data that the User provides us: Name, surname, email, telephone number, postal code, city, etc. In addition, it is collected all the personal data that the User voluntarily provides us through any of the social networks, of which the User is registered. In this case, the privacy settings will depend on both the configuration that the User established as well as the terms and conditions of the social network itself.

When a user visits the website, this does not mean that he/she has to provide any information about his/her personal data. However, if such information is provided, the data will be processed lawfully and subject at all times to the principles and rights contained in the GDPR 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 and the LOPDGDD 3/2018 of 5 December.


Purpose, duration and legitimation of the processing:


We will process the data provided to us by the user for the following purposes:

  • To deal with the user’s application or request made using the contact form on the website. We collect and process the user’s personal data to enable us to process and manage his/her application, query or any request made using said form. We will keep these data for the time necessary to comply with the request and for the time established by law, with a minimum duration of 3 years.

The basis for legitimation of the data processing will be the consent granted by the user when checking the box for acceptance of our privacy policy before sending the request. The user has the right to revoke his/her consent at any time, without this affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given prior to it being withdrawn.

  • To improve the user experience when browsing the website. We will keep these data for as long as the user does not revoke his/her consent to them being processed by deleting the cookies, for the time established by law and for a minimum duration of 3 years.

The legitimate basis for improving website browsing is the consent given by the user when accepting the cookies. The user has the right to revoke his/her consent at any time, without this affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given prior to it being withdrawn.


Assignment or communication of personal data and international transfers:


Your data will not be communicated or transferred to third parties unless there is a legal obligation, or to those service providers associated with the Controller which act as data processors.

Data will not be transferred internationally; if, at any time, this might be required, the user will be informed so that his/her consent can be obtained.


Updating of data

In order for us to keep the personal data up to date, the user must always inform us of any change in said data; if this is not done, we cannot be liable for the veracity of the data.

The user guarantees that the personal data provided are true, and guarantees that all the information provided corresponds to reality, is up to date and is accurate. He/she is obliged to communicate any modification thereto.


Third Party Data

If the user provides third party data for any purpose to TRANSFORMACIONES QUÍMICO – INDUSTRIALES, S.L. – TRAQUISA, he/she guarantees that he/she has obtained these data lawfully, has informed the affected parties in advance, has obtained his/her consent to communicate them, and that the information provided is accurate and true.


Compulsory nature of the information requested


All our forms have an asterisk (*) to indicate which details are compulsory. If the user does not complete these fields, or does not check the privacy policy box, the information will not be sent.


Rights of data subjects:


You have the right to access your data and obtain confirmation regarding the processing thereof, as well as a copy of the personal data being processed. You have the right to update them and request that any inaccurate data be corrected, or request removal of the data when they are not necessary for the purposes for which they were collected. You may request a restriction in the processing of your data and object to them being processed by revoking your consent, and also exercise your right to data portability. Similarly, you have the right not to be the subject of decisions based solely on the automated processing of your personal data. You may exercise your rights by contacting us Circunval·lació, 27 – 08210 BARBERÀ DEL VALLÈS (Barcelona). Email: traquisa@traquisa.es

If you consider that your rights have not been duly respected, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency www.aepd.es


Processing of the data of Minors


Anyone providing data through the forms on this website and accepting the processing of such states that he/she is at least 14 years old. Access to, and use of the website is prohibited for anyone younger than 14. If, at any time, the Data Controller detects that a person younger than 14 years of age has provided personal data, we will cancel said data. In addition, parents or tutors may in any event write to TRANSFORMACIONES QUÍMICO – INDUSTRIALES, S.L. – TRAQUISA to block any access account created by minors in their charge who have registered by falsifying their identity.


Social Networks


The object of social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. or other social networks is to give visibility and dissemination of the activities that take place in our organization. These social tools store personal data in the servers of the corresponding services and are governed by their own privacy policy. It is recommended to review and read the conditions of use and the privacy policy of the social network at the time of registration, taking into account the different configuration´s possibilities regarding the privacy of the user’s profile in the social network. In addition, the Controller reserves the right to erase from its social networks any published information by third-parties that trespasses the legality, encourages to infringe it or contains messages that infringe upon human dignity or institutions. Likewise, the Controller reserves the right to block or report the author´s profile of such content.




A cookie is a small file that is downloaded and stored on the user’s computer when he/she access a website. Cookies allow the website, amongst other things, to store and recover information on the browsing habits of the user or of his/her computer and, depending on the information they contain and the way in which you use your computer, they may be used for user recognition.

The user has the option to prevent the generation of cookies, by selecting the corresponding option in his/her browser program. You can obtain more information by reading our Cookies Policy.

1.2 Cookies Policy



Owing to the entry into force of the aforementioned modification to the “Information Society Services Law” (LSSICE) established by Royal Decree 13/2012, it is compulsory for the explicit consent of any user using websites that employ non-essential cookies to be obtained before he/she begins browsing.




Cookies and other similar technologies, such as local shared objects, flash cookies or pixels, are tools used by Web servers to store and recover information about website visitors, and also to ensure correct functioning of the website.

The use of these devices allows the Web server to remember some user data, such as his/her preferences for viewing the pages on that server, name and password, products of most interest to him/her, etc.




According to the EU Directive, the cookies that require the user’s informed consent are analytics cookies and cookies used for advertising and membership; excluded from this category are those of a technical nature and those necessary for the website to function correctly and the services explicitly requested by the user to be provided.


There are five major groups of cookies:

  • Analytics cookies: they collect information on the use made of the website.
  • Social cookies: these are necessary for external social networks.
  • Affiliate cookies: these allow tracking of visits from other websites, with which the website has signed an affiliate agreement (affiliated companies).
  • Advertising and behavioural cookies: these collect information on the user’s personal preferences and choices (retargeting).
  • Technical and functional cookies: these are the cookies strictly necessary for the use of the website and the provision of the contracted service.




List the names of the cookies, type, owner, function and expiry, for example:


  • PHPSESSID: a strictly necessary technical cookie that contains the session identifier. It is erased when the browser is closed.
  • _lang: a strictly necessary technical cookie that contains the session language. It is erased when the browser is closed.
  • ac_cookies: technical and strictly necessary cookie that contains the value of whether the installation of cookies has been accepted. It expires 1 year after the last use.
  • _ga: Google Analytics cookie that enables the monitoring function for single visits. The first time a user enters the website via a browser, this cookie will be installed. When this user re-enters the website with the same browser, the cookie will consider that it is the same user. Only if the user changes browser will he/she be considered a different user. It expires 2 year after the last use.
  • _gat: this cookie is associated with Google Analytics Universal. It is used to limit the request speed – a limitation on the collection of data on websites with high traffic. It expires after 10 minutes.
  • _utma: Google Analytics cookie that records the date of first and last time the user visited the site. It expires 2 year after the last use.
  • _utmb: Google Analytics cookie that records the time of arrival at the website. It expires 30 year after the last use._utmc: Google Analytics cookie used for interoperability with the tracking code urchin.js. It is erased when thebbrowser is closed.
  • _utmt: Google Analytics cookie. This cookie is used to process the type of request made by the user. It expires when the session ends.
  • _utmv: Google Analytics cookie. This cookie is used to segment demographic data. It expires when the session ends.
  • _utmz: Google Analytics cookie that stores the traffic source or a campaign to explain how the user reached the website It expires 6 months after the last use.





  1. Select the Tools icon
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Advanced.
  4. In the section “Privacy and security”, click on Content Settings.
    • Remove cookies: Click on All cookies and site data…
    • Do not allow cookies to be stored.
  5. Click on Delete browsing data (empty Cache).
  6. Close and re-open the browser.

For more information on Chrome, click here: http://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=es

Internet Explorer. Version 11

  1. Select Tools / Internet Options.
  2. Click on the “General” file.
  3. In the section “Browsing history”, click on Delete browsing history upon leaving.
  4. Select Remove files.
  5. Select Remove cookies.
  6. Click on Remove.
  7. Click on OK.
  8. Close and re-open the browser.

For more information on Internet Explorer, click here:

Firefox. Version 18

  1. Select Firefox | History | Clear recent history.
  2. Alongside “Details”, click on the down arrow.
  3. Select the following checkboxes: Cookies, Cache, Active Logins
  4. Using “Time range to clear” in the pull-down menu, select Everything.
  5. Click on Clear Now.
  6. Close and re-open the browser.

You can accept or reject the cookies individually in Firefox Preferences, in the History section available in Tools > Options > Privacy and Security.

For more information on Mozilla Firefox, click here: https://www.mozilla.org/es-ES/privacy/websites/#cookies


Safari Version 5.1


  1. Select the Safari icon / Edit | Restore Safari.
  2. Select the following checkboxes: Clear history, Remove all website details
  3. Click on Restore.
  4. Close and re-open the browser.

For more information on Safari, click here: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042



Options – Advanced – Cookies.
The cookies options control the way in which Opera deals with them and, thus, whether they are accepted or rejected. For more information on Opera, click here: http://help.opera.com/Linux/10.60/es-ES/cookies.html


Other browsers

Consult the documentation for the browser you have installed.