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of chemistry

Specialized in the production of modified oils for the coatings industry (known as painting)

Modified oils

All natural or refined oil, which has been transformed, through a physical or chemical process, to increase its viscosity or activity.


Inert solvent, low volatility and molecular of at least 300, which incorporated into a polymer (PVC), increases its flexibility, elasticity and handling

Research and Development

We develop the ``optimal mixture of plasticizers`` for each specific application, to control the different variables that interest us.

According to the requeriments of each client

Traquisa is a versatile company able to develop and produce modified oils and plasticizers according to the requeriments of each client

o   Traquisa and the university have collaborations.

with us

With offices and manufacturing plant in Barbera de Valles (Barcelona), it offers a fast service,

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