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Traquisa is a chemical company that supplies, since 1957, modified oils and plasticizers, for almost all companies nationwide in the sector of coatings, transformations of PVC, synthetic rubber, inks, leather / synthetic leather, being a pioneer in its sector. Currently, Traquisa also has a wide variety of clients in Europe. Euro-Asia, Central America and countries of the Maghreb.


Traquisa is a company that has the versatility to develop and manufacture customized oils and plasticizers, according to the needs of each client.


Traquisa wants this page to be a meeting place, where we can give and receive information, trends and curiosities of each of the sectors.


Traquisa is a company committed to its employees and the environment

Business Area: modified oils used in

  1. Manufacturing the resins for coatings. We define as a coating to the application of a chemical liquid, which through the drying process produces an adherent hard sheet. If this coating is color paint is called, painting.
  2. Manufacturing finished products, to provide viscosity to solutions such as: lacquer, enamel, high solids, and so on.

Business Area: plasticizers used in.


Plasticizer is an inert solvent, with low volatility and molecular weight at least 300, which incorporated in a plastic (PVC), increases their flexibility, elasticity and handling.


Used in:

  1. Manufacture of both flexible and rigid PVC.
  2. Manufacture of inks.
  3. Water paints.
  4. Synthetic rubber.
  5. Lubricants
  6. Adhesives.

Performance of plasticizer
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