TRAQUISA is a company with a long history in the field of modified oils and plasticizers for several applications. Its market covers both national and international territory.

Highlighting from the very beginning the versatility to develop and manufacture customized oils and plasticizers, as well as flexibility, TRAQUISA aims to adapt to the requirements of each client in order to meet their needs.

Traquisa is a company committed to ecology and sustainable energy.
To achieve these objectives, TRAQUISA has a code of ethics that serves as a reference to become a member of our team, acting under the guidelines set by management and based on respect, honesty, sustainability and responsibility.

Our MISSION is the satisfaction of our clients, capturing their needs and developing a business relationship based on trust and proximity.

Our VISION is to integrate the objectives of our clients, suppliers, employees and collaborators in our own objective, working from the active listening, the sincerity and the commitment.

The VALUES that constitute the basis of our mission are:

  • Respect and equality: we promote an environment without differences for reasons of ideology,
    religion, gender, race, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Self-criticism: accepting mistakes and recognizing successes help us along the path of
  • Work: compliance with the rules, punctuality, proactivity and self-demand is the way to achieve
    the objectives.
  • Human rights: no attitude that violates human rights is tolerated. We demand our suppliers
    respect them. We do not hire minors and we comply scrupulously with the labor legislation.
  • Quality: promote continuous improvement in all processes to ensure quality both in products and
    in dealing with our customers, suppliers, workers.
  • Honesty: transparency and sincerity, avoiding scams and / or deceptions. Gifts that involve a
    reduction in objectivity or that serve to enhance business relations to the detriment of others,
    attitudes that are considered undercover bribes, will not be accepted.
  • Security: we ensure the safety and health of all professionals involved in our activity, as well as
    in the protection of our environment.
  • Privacy: the data obtained in the daily assignment will be treated in a rigorous manner.
  • Sustainability: we are committed to sustainable management that respects the environment, the
    economy and society.
  • Responsibility: we comply with the applicable current legislation. In the same way, we comply
    with the commitments acquired with customers, suppliers and administrations.

We have established a communication channel so that any incident in the commented aspects are
reported, this being the postal mail address of the company.


Ethical Code

Quality and Environmental Policy